Drive for a company owned by a driver!

“Before I was the owner, I was a driver, so I’ve been in your shoes! Work for a company that will care about you!”

-Marc, Owner

  • Driver-Focused

    We focus on you, our partner driver. You’re not just a number, and you deserve respect! It’s our priority.

  • More Backhauls

    Might as well bring something back while you’re at it… right? With Skypoint Transit, you’ll see more double hauls!

  • We do it together!

    We pride ourselves on being connected to you and knowing your name! With you as our partner, we succeed together.

Enjoy Bonus and Referral Programs!

  • DOT Inspection Bonus

    You’ll receive a $50 bonus for every DOT inspection you pass!

  • Referral Bonus

    You’ll get $50 every time you get another driver to sign up with Skypoint Transit! Learn more.

  • And More!

    Contact us to learn about any other current bonus specials Skypoint may be running!

What Skypoint Transit contractors are saying…

  • I have always been given respect.

    It has been nothing but a great experience.

    I would not work with anyone else!

  • I have never had to sleep in a hotel waiting to be dispatched!

    Marc always makes me laugh on my toughest days!

    With Skypoint Transit, I can have fun working.

  • It is nice to know that you are not just another number.

    Two words… Fast Pay!

    My advice: If you are working for one of the other guys… you need to check out Skypoint Transit!

  • This is the first transport company that has cared for me and treated me like a partner. Thank you, Skypoint Transit!

    For me, it has to be that I can talk with the owners at any time.

    When needed, I can always get a load home. My wife likes that!

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Who we want and the skills we need…

  • Owner Operator Requirements

    • Valid US resident
    • Liability Insurance
    • Drug test
    • Personal BMV report
  • Truck Requirements

    • Model year of 2006 or newer
    • 1 Ton or 3/4 Ton
    • Fifth wheel hitch
    • Travel trailer hitch with sway bars
    • 26,000 lbs. rated plate
  • Full Details

    These are basic requirements. For a full and complete list of driver and truck requirements, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are owner operator drivers paid?

Skypoint Transit, LLC will pay the contractor for the loaded (dispatched) mile based off of PC Miler routing software which is constantly updated with the latest routes and toll information. The contractor will receive reimbursement for applicable tolls, permits and washes when required. All pay to the contractor is placed in their Global Cash Card account including 50% advanced money to assist in the start of the trip. Best of all… NO FEES!

Are there backhauls or reloads available?

While we cannot guarantee that there will be a return freight trip available every time, our freight coordinator works diligently to create a large pool of available backhaul loads to assist drivers who do not have the means to obtain their own return shipment.

Are you required to stop at weigh stations while under dispatch?

Since you will have a commercial transport plate on the unit you will be considered a commercial vehicle and will be required to pull into weigh stations. Some states may have weight requirements that may make you exempt in that state.

Who covers liability while under dispatch?

Skypoint Transit, LLC covers the liability as well as cargo insurance for physical damage to the dispatched units.

Do you force dispatches or require me to work full-time?

No, we do not force dispatches onto any driver. You are employed as an independent contractor, so you can refuse any available load at any time. But there may be times that we may ask you to take a special load that needs to be moved quickly. You are also able to set your own work schedule, whether it be full-time, part-time, or seasonal.

Can I sleep in my vehicle or the unit I am delivering?

You may sleep in your vehicle if it meets the FMCSA requirements for a sleeper berth. At no time are you allowed to sleep in a unit that you are responsible for transporting.

Do I have to pay a pull-in fee?

You will be charged a small “pull-in” fee for each unit you are assigned to deliver. We have local contractors who are staging units in our shipping yard for you, from the factory. The fee can range from $25 to $45 per unit. This is a standard fee in our industry. This service saves contractors a lot of time.

Can someone travel with me?

You may sign a liability agreement to have someone travel with you.

How long is the average trip?

Skypoint Transit delivers to all 48 states. Units regularly ship to destinations like Florida, Texas, California and the East Coast. The average outbound RV delivery is about 850 miles.

Do I have to wash the unit I'm delivering?

95% of the units do not need to be washed. In the event that a specific unit does need washing, Skypoint Transit will inform the driver ahead of time and the driver will be reimbursed for any wash fees.

Am I responsible for damaged units?

Yes, contractors are required to establish a $2,000 damage deposit with Skypoint Transit. All loss claims are then subjected to a $2,000 deductible charge to the driver.

What happens if my unit breaks down while under dispatch?

Skypoint Transit has a contact number for breakdown services 24/7 to ensure that the contractor is properly serviced.

How much should I plate my pickup truck for?

We suggest a commercial plate between 20,000 – 26,000 lbs. This plate weight should be high enough to cover both the truck and trailer.

What type of insurance do I need for my truck?

A minimum of $500,000 Unladen Liability Coverage is required. Skypoint Transit also requires that the driver provides physical damage coverage on their truck.”

What license is required to work for Skypoint Transit?

Depending on the state the license was issued in, the minimum license requirement is a standard operator’s license or chauffeur license. However, about 35% of the trailers we ship do require you to possess a Class A CDL. It will be your responsibility as an independent contractor to make sure you understand the federal combination gross vehicle weight rating requirements before you accept a load.