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Dealer, the fast and reliable service you’ve been waiting for!

Dealer Focused

You take pride in selling your units, and we take pride in being your partner and our commitment to serve you!

Frequent Communication

Skypoint Transit takes extra efforts to keep you informed while your units travel from the manufacturer line to your lot and beyond!

Fast & Reliable

Backed by our priority dealer service, our contractors have the experience and expertise to get your units where they need to be… on time and in perfect condition!

Dealer VIP Services

Priority Shipping

You’re a dealer, right? You’re making deals left and right, and you need your units quick! With Priority Shipping, you’re at the top of the list instantly!

Bulk Pricing

If you’ve got a lot of units ordered or a trade show coming up, ask us about VIP bulk discount pricing, and we’ll get them where they need to be!

Peace of Mind

Our contractors care just as much about your units as you do, and all of them have the experience, inspection track record, and DOT certification you’d expect from the best transportation company in the industry.

VIP Storage Services

You Have Needs

Skypoint Transit has the storage needs you’ve been looking for, with the convenience of being able to have your units shipped at any moment!

Storage Options

  • 2 yards within minutes of RV plants
  • Summer and Winter Storage
  • Competitive pricing

Ultimate Security

Skypoint Transit yards are securely locked and gated, while being monitored 24/7 with multiple cameras. Your units will be safe… we guarantee it!


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