Introducing Millisa

Say, “Hi, Millisa!”

Introducing Skypoint’s Newest Team Member

Millisa Harper, Skypoint’s New Sr. Logistics Director and dispatch department lead, has been in the transportation industry for nearly 20 years. “I worked my way up from receptionist, working through most of the departments in transportation, pay, logs, and finally dispatch.”

The nuanced experience has helped her see clearly her goal, as well as the goal of Skypoint. “We will remain focused on shipping our freight in a safe and timely manner, providing our customers exceptional service while building relationships with our drivers. We must work efficiently, together, and build a sustainable future. It’s worked well for Skypoint so far, and there’s no reason to look back.”

And the company’s vision is laser focused on the future. Marc Dume, President of Skypoint, agree, ”Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We take pride in delivering our units by reliable and safe drivers, bringing our customers their product on time and in excellent condition. Millisa is going to help us keep doing just that and help us get even better.”

And that’s a challenge Millisa is ready to take on… just as she has since 1998. “I enjoy the changing atmosphere. Every day is a new challenge. There is always a little bit of excitement knowing that you have to move as many units as you can safely from point a to point b.”

Whether it’s raising her three boys, volunteering weekly at the Goshen High School football program, or working for Skypoint, Millisa takes seriously everything she does. “I take pride in my work and will do my best to make sure that deadlines are met, customers are satisfied, and drivers are cared for. And I’ll do this because I know I’m not only representing Skypoint. I’m representing the manufacturers and dealers and their decisions to choose Skypoint. I want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to work together to make sure all stakeholders are happy, especially customers.”

With a shared mission, Millisa and the rest of the Skypoint team are seeing the future as very bright. “We’re working together towards a common goal. Being part of a team that is committed to providing exceptional customer service, delivering units on time and equally important, safely,” said Dume. Millisa concluded with, “Exactly! Building working relationships and friendships with our drivers and partners is key, all while continuing to grow as a company and individuals. It’s great being a part of this team!”

Millisa, we’re glad to have you!

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